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How to make stone cage net a sinking raft, the caisson flexible and permeable?
Author:admin  Time:2012-10-30

 Gabion mesh uses a lot, but not everyone can be a good use of gabion nets. Mesh Factory Anping Wang Yu gabion this do for gabion mesh mattress caisson flexible and permeable simple introduction: 1, stone gabion mattress operation, first woven with wire gabion row network Shen. Can also be added plating and coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PVC gabion network can also be used as a mattress revetment and toe protection.

  2, gabion mesh box. Stone gabion rock fill wire fixed in place or polymer wire mesh production. The wire cage is woven by a wire mesh or welded structures. Both structures can be electroplating, braided wire box can be addition coated with PVC. Woven mesh gabion welded gabion greater flexibility, so to adapt the performance of the subsidence and the load is different, though filled stone materials to be careful to ensure stones fill very dense, but sometimes considered a rigid stone box relatively easy to fill, for non-standard shapes, such as a corner, or can produce large subsidence of place, when woven wire or polymer trellis structure deformation, without loss of strength, preferring to use this type of structure.

  3, gabion net internal filler with a weather resistant hard stones as a filler in stone boxes or gabion mattress, it is not abrasive and quickly broken. Gabion network equipped with different types of stone have different characteristics. Angular stone each other well interlock together filled gabion not easily deformed. Thus, the large retaining wall shear resistant, it is more than the circular stones effectively, the other side, it facilitates the connection of the gabion. The general size of the filler is 1.5 times of the average mesh size. Single stone not be less than a standard mesh size (generally used knitting gabion size (60mmX80mm 100mmX120mm), usually not more than 200mm standard size of fill was placed away from the gabion for the appearance in the interior of rubble sometimes relaxed minimum stone size requirements.

  4, the internal filling. Mechanical filling is generally faster and cheaper, but not such as hand-filled control. For the modified retaining wall, should produce a better look, and the formation of a dense structure. With these two methods, the packing must be completely to fill gabion network. The filler must be well filled in the possibility of moving in order to minimize voids, good contact between the single stones, filling tight as possible, to reduce the stone cage stone. Filler size is within the normal range, polygonal and circular stones can be installed in close, and the other can add some soil.