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Reynolds mat are generally double bulkhead
Author:admin    Time:2012-10-29

Renault pad thickness 0.15-0.5m (including 0.5m) of the cage structure. Mainly used for river bank slope, embankment slope protection structures. Not only to prevent the riverbank was water, wind and waves invasion and destruction, but also to achieve a natural convection exchange between water body with the slope of the soil under the achieve ecological balance. Slope Zhilv add landscape greening effect.

  Reynolds mat in the ordinary Gabion boxes the gabion cages difference is that the lower pad height of its production technology and production process gabion cages. However, the processing is time-consuming, and more waste material, so the general pad higher price slightly higher than the same quality of ordinary gabion cages.

  Dual partition Renault pad is divided into a number of cells by a partition, in order to enhance the structural strength of Reynolds mat all panel edges are used larger diameter steel Si Leinuo pad product specifications (specific size can be customized according to the engineering design requirements ).

Reynolds mat features: (
   1) improve the stability of the slope of the riverbed
   . protection the riverbed prevent erosion
   3. provide riparian roughness coefficient (m) of the predetermined value
   . slope revetment greening and ecological protection, said the development and governance, relates to section laying pad construction process. Pad laying along the banks of the river, with a permanent protective pad. Gabion cage is using the in neighboring environmental water retention, control water flow and prevent water loss.