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The origin of the gabion network
Author:admin    Time:2012-10-27

  The gabion network engineering and paper originated in China. As early as 2,000 years ago during the Qin Dynasty, China's working people has been built on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Minjiang world famous Dujiangyan project. The project uses a lot of bamboo to weave gabion retaining damming. It is the gabion mesh prototype of the first in the world know so far.

  Britain in the 16th century, the first time in the form of a stone cage net wicker baskets filled with soil for military powerhouse of the artillery to cover the body. Japan's first use of the construction of the gabion mesh this form to the flood danger control engineering 17th century. The beginning of the 18th century, starting in Italy baggy gabion net, for the repair and reinforcement of embankments. After the Modern decades of use and improved, the emergence of the modern form of gabion net. Modern stone cage net woven galvanized wire mesh rectangular box, in a box filled with stone or natural cobblestone for buildings of all types of retaining engineering and scour protection. It can be said, gabion mesh for construction projects provide an economic, fast and efficient construction methods.

  The Gabion Mesh works works similar accumulation of wood. The basic components of the composition of the building is a the tetragonal or mesh rectangular box. Construction, can be processed according to the design dimensions to the corresponding tetragonal. Then the combination assembled into buildings. The the Quartet lead wire cage components external outline of the size of 2-4 meters long, one meter wide, 0.3-1 m high.

  Gabion network in the application of ecological governance River: are the following: (1) solid shore. (2) river revetment, bottom protection. (3) the foot of the slope protection. (4) gates the energy dissipator reinforcement. (5) berm groins. (6) gully protection.