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The wire cage knitting method
Author:admin  Time:2012-10-26

Woven wire cage method:
a wire cage molding production, an integral outer cover, side plate, end plate and floor. Length / width tolerances ( ± 5% ) the height tolerances ( ± 5% ), internal every 1 m using the separator was divided into separate units.
Wang Yu wire cage assembled, cover plate, side plate, end plate, the base plate is a separate production assembled into cages, each part bundled with spiral steel wire wrapped around all edges of the cage wire thick wire to enhance the strength of gabion net .


Of wire gabion characteristics:
   (1) economic, just a stone into the gabions and seal it.
   (2) The construction is simple, no special skills.
   (3) have a strong ability to withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and bad weather affected.
   (4) can be exposed to a wide range of deformation, but not collapse.
   (5) in the stones of the mud to plant production, can be fused with the surrounding natural environment as a whole.
   (6) having a good permeability, and prevents the damage caused by hydrostatic. Favor hillside and shore beaches stability,
   (7) to save on shipping costs. Can be folded up transport, assembly on site.
   (8) flexibility: no structural joints, the overall structure ductility.
   (9) Corrosion resistance: the galvanized material not afraid of seawater.