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Gabion production requirements
Author:admin    Time:2012-10-24
A, Gabion each block length 100cm, width 100cm, high 50cm, selection of hot dip 10% aluminum-zinc wire, coated with PE data.
The B, Gabion selected three-wire technology, type: mesh 80mm x 100mm; mesh mesh Φ2.7mm, after coating Φ3.7mm; the mesh side wire Φ3.15mm, after coating Φ4.15mm.
C, Gabion accessories: twist ties Φ2.2mm after coating Φ3.2mm, distance 250-300mm.
D, the Gabion data: ① The hot dip 10% aluminum-zinc wire features fit GB \ T700-1988 specification rules.
E, Gabion semi-finished products to the site must be accompanied by the quality of the original certificate of steel and other construction units must be qualified data in accordance with the the depicted skills pleading detection be used for engineering.
F, Gabion the optional filler stone or gravel. Filled stone should be homogeneous, free from cracks, not weathered. The particle size of the filler material should be controlled at 15 ~ 25 cm particle diameter reaches 80% or more, and the remaining optional graded distinguished gravel filling, pleading filler and cages bulk density not less than 1.8 ton / m.
The G, Gabion wire cage construction should be first and foremost from the bottom of the river on both sides beginning, bottom-fortified river slope. Into quality Bin networks should be depicted Figure foremost place and then filled stone gabion transfer and filling stone must be careful light, shall not damage the Gabion aluminum zinc wire surface anti-corrosion coating. Stone Leiqi facades should be placed flat, beautiful.