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Reynolds mat performance
Author:admin    Time:2012-10-18

An ideal ecological construction and ecological restoration functions:Reynolds mat pore water flow conditions invention, <An ideal ecological construction and ecological restoration functions:The pore Reynolds mat invention for water flow conditions. Conducive to the realization of the exchange between the water and the soil's natural living environment for aquatic organisms and microorganisms invention, thereby enhancing the self-purification capacity of the water body, maintenance and improvement of water resources, water quality.
Filler inside the cage as a loose body,
2 good permeable function: the gabion cages puzzle retaining walls and laying the revetment. Pores, there are more conducive to masonry fill and slope protection under the soil pore water discharge.
Local damage,
3 excellent stability and overall functionality: of Reynolds mat Department dedicated machinery woven into twisted grid-like structure. Will not cause the the cages holistic destruction.
Factory production to produce semi-finished products,
4. Relatively simple construction method: Lead wire mesh process according to the design intent. Are where the design of the construction site for assembly stereotypes, and then laying tidied slope or good pit excavation, paved slope or puzzle the the cage retaining wall coming down filler, plus cover net that become

5 excellent landscape effects: Renault pad structure easy combination and color diversity.
The outer coating of steel wire is more stable,
Excellent corrosion resistance and durability: Reynolds mat wire using hot galvalume technology. Can be effective in reducing the oxidation of the cable, again after coating resin film technology, corrosion-resistant, anti-static, anti-aging, antioxidant properties, longer life.
Strong anti-erosion and anti-storms attacked capacity: Renault pad structure in the flow rate of the larger river for slope or retaining wall project.