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The unexpected situations why gabion network?
Author:admin    Time:2012-10-22
    The gabion network and quick to install, easy to use, no technology, especially suitable for emergency use, water conservancy department will reserve the lead wire mesh with each year.
For example: the collapse and rescue. When the dam collapsed danger along the collapsed parts dumped stone, soil sandbags or lead wire gabion (bamboo), start with the top red throw serious collapse of parts of care, then turn up to throw to a stable slope.
Vulnerability rescue. Of downstream slope and the foot of the slope near the Trans dam itself or foundation seepage holes, identify vulnerabilities imports, if the hole is smaller, can be urgently substances such as cotton, idiot or woven package packing straw tied into a soft wedge clogging. If the hole is large, or more, Flip with a large wok or buckle is in the hole on the truncated water, bags of compacted soil, and then cover with a tarpaulin, net bag covering the sand bags and throwing fill clay plugging JANSEN .
The seepage water rescue. When the dam seepage, "Water Cutoff, back guide seepage water" method. Waterfront slope small cohesive soil with a permeable material thrown Chikuzen berm also be used Pengbu, geomembrane impervious to reduce water infiltration. In the downstream slope with the large permeable sand and gravel, geotextile braid or firewood filtration through filtration, let the soil material loss, thereby reducing the saturation line, to maintain the stability of the dam body. Avoid pressure in the downstream slope clay infiltration, so will raise the saturation line, resulting in seepage extend and dangerous situation exacerbated.