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The gabion mesh highway rail and mountain protection
Author:admin   Time:2012-10-31
  Gabion network of road and rail and mountain protection 
    Parkway the gabion mountain protection structure strong, difficult to damage the nature of the protection of the mountain has a unique advantage. Breaking the stone with the high ductility net wire firmly fixed on the slopes. Twisted hexagonal mesh, gabion can prevent landslides and rock slide caused by the mountain sudden-loading, and can also reduce the mechanical energy stones falling due to fracture of the stone layer. 
    The crisis peaks cliff top mount on the pavement in the past, did not do any protective treatment, now with the road widening and new road construction, this issue once again in front of us we have to come up with an effective way to to solve this problem. 
    The protective net gabion mountain is just the thing to solve this problem. 
    Parkway gabion double twisted hexagonal metal unique, high elastic, difficult to break down, and long-term anti-corrosive makes its adoption rate is much higher than other protection products. 
Use and install program: the 
    installation of rockfall protection network depends on the slope (protective surface) geographical characteristics as well as loose stones size. Of course, the more you want to consider to the of rockfall protective net at the top and base of the installation environment. Because surface characteristics diversification, we can only introduce to apply to the general environment protection network installation: the twisted hexagonal protective net with high corrosion resistance. 
Fixed at the top: 
    at the top, the mesh must be firmly fixed in the soil, it is preferable to collapse the net volume of about 0.33M to about 0.5M.Specific installation programs according to different natural and geographical environment. 
Mesh installation: If conditions prior to the installation of the net surface slope before leveling, blasting to the loose stone layer removed to. Single mesh must tie wire or chain clasp tightly connected, the mesh convergence installed, the vertical overlap surface as 0.33M, the level of convergence under construction environment. This work can act in accordance with the engineering experience. 
The bottom of the net surface installation: 
There are several installation methods: 1) In order to shed stones can be easily removed, shading can about 0.33M loosening.2) to prevent the shedding stones off-grid mesh has been connected to the slope at the bottom. This should 1) be used in combination.