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The gabion network is how to install it?
Author:admin    Time:2012-10-18
Wrong , Gabion Box seam the furnishings in place, avoid longitudinal through sewing;
2, the four sides of the stone cage net erected tie line adjacent edge locking tied lock, tie lines around the the two coincide border (the suture edges when) or Borders with mesh cage double kink side the (suture grill when) spirally twisted tight, to avoid heavy galvanized injury, the pitch is not greater than 50 mm;
3 When installing gabion completed online underlying network, application tied to the lower part of the line along the newly installed stone cage net border be fixed at the bottom of the gabion online, the same layer adjacent gabion net application tie line with each other system prison, gabion mesh fused;
4, in a unit works the same level layer construction, gabion network should be all in place before starting filling pebbles, stone cage mesh deformation in order to prevent the two adjacent gabion network (including the same stone cage nets adjacent The grid Room) ROCKFILL altitude difference should not be greater than 35 cm;
5, before the installation of gabion mesh, should be properly trimmed bank slope and ground, and as much as possible to keep the bank slopes original shape, but there should be no significant uplift and depression;
6, pebble-filled selected in the floodplain, the compressive strength should meet the design requirements, pebble size should be 8 ~ 20 cm, and size with a reasonable gap to meet the design requirements and ensure gabion mesh straight appearance;
The 7, pebble-filled gabion net external appearances application a particle size of less than 10 cm of gravel, and manually put the puzzle smooth, beautiful surface and preventing water from the pebble from the mesh scouring walk. Be guaranteed over filling stone 2. 5 ~ 3 cm high, so that subsidence leave room;
8 stone gabion net fill upcoming roof under the hood, and then tie line the two coincide border spirally twisted tight, the pitch should not be greater than 50 mm, tied lock method such as 2.3
9, the masonry a good gabion online shop to fill 10 ~ 15 cm humus, so that the growth of vegetation.
   Above is introduced gabion network is how to install, if necessary, please call 0318-5181811 13730522727 Anping Wang Yu Gabion Mesh Factory