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Road Mesh is one double twist hexagonal woven wire mesh with a transverse rod woven into the mesh.It is made from heavily zinc coated galvanized mild steel wire (260 g/m2), and therefore can easily be cut with a concrete saw or equivalent.
Use of Road Mesh
Road Mesh is a unique bi-directional high strength steel reinforcement used in new or rehabilitated asphalt pavements to provide solutions for reflective cracking, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting.
Developed specifically for flexible pavement reinforcement, Road Mesh can be introduced into the upper bound layers of the pavement structure for rehabilitation or new build construction. Developed initially to inhibit reflective cracking in the asphalt layers, research in the USA and Europe has shown Road Mesh to enhance the working life of the whole pavement structure.
Road Mesh must be considered in existing rehabilitation and new pavement design, where the bound layers require additional strength to resist crack reflection, accelerated fatigue due to high deflections and traffic, and surface rut resistance.
The optimum position in the pavement layers is determined during detail design. However, the minimum overlay thickness is 50 mm (2 in.).
Advantages of Road Mesh
Although a pavement reinforced with Road Mesh will be more expensive to construct than one without, it will last longer, and the time period between maintenance works is also increased. Road Mesh is proven to extend the fatigue life of all pavement layers, not just the bound upper layers in which the Road Mesh is installed.
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