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MacWall is a segmental retaining wall system combining the aesthetics of masonry walls with the engineered reassurance of reinforced earth.
Segmental block retaining walls are increasing in popularity due to their ease of construction, cost-effectiveness and versatility.
The two components of the MacWall system are:
• Split face concrete modular block
• Reinforcement polymer geogrids sandwiched between courses of block
Up to approximately 1m in height, no geogrid reinforcement is required (depending on site conditions) and the interlocked blocks form a mass-gravity structure. Taller walls require geogrid reinforcement.
The geogrids are placed horizontally within the structural backfill to the wall, providing tensile strength and holding the soil mass together. The grids also tie the fascia blocks to the reinforced soil.
5 steps to working with MacWall
1. Project Consultation with Diamond company
2. Indicative Proposal with budget estimates
3. Design and Detail
4. Supply of materials to project site
5. Construction
Attention to detail On infrastructure works, the speed of construction, engineered strength and durability are key parameters.
On commercial, institutional and residential developments, high quality aesthetics, ease of construction and the ability to form curves, corners and steps are important.
The MacWall system exceeds these requirements as well as being cost effective!